Vision Wheel and Naming Your New Year

As I mentioned in my last post, I name every year. 2022 was called Everyday Sorcery & Radical Nourishment. Some folks have asked how I come about a name for the year so I thought I would share with you my process for doing so. 

If you want to get super witchy, I also like to print out a wheel for the year and draw things I see happening during those times or words that I think of for different seasons/sabbats. 

Click on the photo to download PDF for printing. 

Click on the photo to download PDF for printing. 



What did you completely rock this year?

What things did you get mildly better at?

How did you surprise yourself?

Did you have any big transitions or unexpected things happen? How do you feel like you handled them? What do you feel like you learned from them?

Looking back on the last three years, what areas have you seen a lot of growth in?

Over the last three years, what have you wanted to accomplish but haven’t?

Are there any patterns or habits that you’d like to change this next year?

What phrases, mantras or quotes have been resonating with you a lot lately?

What verbs, nouns or images seem to continually be showing up in your life?

What skills would you like to learn this year?

What projects would you like to work on?

If you could only accomplish one thing this year, what would it be?

What would your Highest Bad Ass Self tell you about this year if you listened?

What words keep coming up or make you feel more powerful or excited when you say them? 

This year is called: 


The Wolf Sex Poem by Jeremy Radin

This is my favorite poem this week. I heart Jeremy Radin and all the things he does in his work.